My Vision


27% of kids live in poverty in Toronto City. They are from low income families that are struggling to find good housing and put food on the table. I will approach concerned authorities to lift wages for low income families and implement programs for kids' nutrition and education.


Many of our senior citizens are in need of proper nutrition and health care and their pensions are not enough to make ends meet due to rising inflation rates. I will work to bring their problems to light and implement strategies for support and health care of the senior citizens of Toronto Danforth.

Parking and road safety

Road safety has become an increasing concern as accidents are increasing at an alarming rate. I will ensure that the city works on creating safe roads, enforcing speed limit rules, educating people and enforcing laws to support safer behaviour on the roads.

Small Businesses

Small business owners have to pay high taxes which in turn leave no room for profits. I will make efforts for providing more facilities in terms of decreasing Property Taxes and Business Taxes. My aim is to work for economic incentives for small businesses and implement a proactive and inclusive planning and job creation for our young and dynamic population.

Adult kids disability benefits

Adult Children with disabilities need the same amount if care and support as kids with disabilities under 18. I will work for Child Support for Disabled Adult Children.


A serious concern in our community is the wait times at hospitals. I will push for more funding for reducing wait times in hospitals and an increase in family physicians.

Post secondary education

There is a high dropout rate as many of our families are unable to afford post secondary education. The Ontario government will be helping post-secondary students by making post-secondary tuition free for those students whose families make less than $50,000. I will work to expand the income bracket for free tuition, so that college dropout rates decrease further. This government understands the need for affordable education and they are taking strong action today, to create the best leaders in the world for tomorrow.


I will work for increasing day care centres and decreasing daycare cost so that it is affordable for all the families and that our women are not force to leave work just because they are unable to afford daycare costs.

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